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In my World History Honors class, we are studying Ancient Egypt and I found King Khufu very interesting. By researching King Khufu, I found many facts about him and his life. The Egyptian pharaoh was the second pharaoh of the Fourth Dynasty, and was famous for building the Great Pyramid in Giza, Egypt.The goal I have for this paper is to inform you about King Khufu by using all of the information I have discovered this great king throughout his lifetime. The little that is known about the pharaoh has been gathered from the Great Pyramid and the artifacts and inscriptions found inside. His mummified corpse has never been found. King Khufu was the son of Queen Hetepheres I and King Sneferu which was possibly his father, but it could have been his stepfather. His actual name was Khnum-Khufu which means “the god Khnum protects me.” Khnum was considered the local god of Elephantine and was responsible for the proper flooding of the Nile and created mankind on his potter’s wheel. He was married three times, but only two of the women’s names are documented. His first wife was Queen Meritites I, and his second wife was Queen Henutsen. He had thirteen children and two possible children. And his daughter, Hetepheres II, married his son Kawab, who was the prince, and then married his other son, Djedefra, who was the eldest and the first throne successor. Marrying your brother or sister was very common in Ancient Egypt. Even some fathers married their daughters, but not in this case. He has many grandchildren, but researchers have only found five names of the grandchildren. Khufu came to the throne, probably during his twenties, and at once began working on his pyramid which is known as the Great Pyramid of Giza. The ancient name of the pyramid is known as Khufu’s Horizon. The entire project took about twenty-three years to complete, during which time two million

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