King John - Was He Good or Bad?

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King John is one of the most well-known figures in history due to the popularity of the legends of Robin Hood/ Robin of Loxley. Robin was falsely accused by king John in order for king John to get some money. Robin Hood formed a group of rebels who stole from king Johns men. Robin Hood gave to the poor during the time of king john being a pretender to the thrown. When King Richard returned King John was Banished and Robin was Pardoned giving a happy ending. King John is best known to historians for signing the magna carta. The barons forced King John to sign the Magna Carter to make sure that free men were treated fairly, and to make right some of the bad things the king had been doing. The king was to return all hostages, castles and to free the people who were wrongly imprisoned. These were not laws but were important to peace. Probably the most radical part was the clause which set up an elected group of 25 barons to check that the king did as was promised. Only three clauses in the Magna Carter are still valid today. One says that London and all other towns and ports shall enjoy their ancient liberties and customs. Many people think that King John was a bad King, this is largely due to stories surrounding Robin Hood and the fact he charged high taxes and imprisoned people without good reason. Also he had a reputation for torturing and being cruel to is people. John was in dispute to the church and wanted to control who would be the next archbishop. However, Some people disagree with this view of John. They Argue that John was a generous man who fed the poor on feast days and was more giving than other kings before him. John managed to make peace with the pope which was good for his reputation. He was strong and had a good army. My view is that there are probably some bias in the historical records of King John’s reign and the circumstances were

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