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Tudor England (1485-1603) < The Middle Ages... | Main historical events... | UK History Menu... | > The Stuarts... | | With the end of the Wars of the Roses and the accession of Henry VII (1485-1509), England entered a period of renaissance under the new dynasty of the Tudors. Henry avoided wars and supported ship-building and trade. By the end of his reign he had accumulated great wealth for his successor, Henry VIII (1509-1547), who strengthened the royal power but wasted much of his father's money on wars with France.Henry VIII soon proved to be a tyrannical and cruel king. Although the immediate reason for the break with the Roman Church was the Pope's refusal to allow Henry to divorce his first wife, Catherine of…show more content…
Catherine Howard, his fifth wife, was executed for adultery. Henry's last wife, Catherine Parr outlived him. He died in 1547, leaving the kingdom to his young son, Edward VI, under the control of several counsellors.Edward ruled only six years. After his death in 1553, his Catholic half-sister, Mary, succeeded to the English crown. She married King Philip of Spain and re-established the old religion. During her five-year reign some 300 heretics were burned at the stake although Mary was certainly not the worst of the Tudors. When Mary died in 1558, Elizabeth, daughter of Anne Boleyn, succeeded her half-sister as Queen Elizabeth I.Elizabeth I (1558-1603) strengthened the English Reformation and considerably improved England's position in Europe. She stimulated foreign commerce and English colonial expansion. A number of English trade companies were established overseas during her reign, e.g. The Eastland Company to trade with Scandinavia and the Baltic countries, the Levant Company to trade with the Ottoman Empire, the African Company to trade slaves to America, and the East India Company to trade with India. Her government reduced taxes, broadened education and encouraged scholarship and the arts. In 1588, when the Spanish armada
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