King of the Hill accurately depicts adolescents

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“I hate being an only child,” Emilia thought to herself while she stared into the mirror. Lately all Emilia could think about is the fact that her thirteenth birthday was a week away. Would the fact that she would be a teenager change the way her parents and friends look at her? Emilia thought about her best friends. They were all at least eight months younger than her. She had always been there leader, but lately it seemed like her friends new more about growing up than she did. Of course, being an only meant that she didn’t have anyone to look up to. Emilia didn’t know who she was supposed to be. She didn’t know how she was supposed to act. She didn’t know how she was supposed to look. Her parents tried to lead her but they were too old to know anything. They hadn’t been in their teens for twenty years! The only thing that she could look to would be her television. The television is like an all knowing being that can tell you anything you need to know. Now Emilia isn’t stupid and she knows that not all television shows actually display what a teenager normally goes through and does. However, she does know of one show that could be exactly what she needs. Does King of the Hill accurately depict adolescents growing up? The King of the Hill episode accurately depicts adolescence and growing up as an adolescent in many ways. The main thing that it shows is the changes of puberty. The changes will bring on a whole new perspective on life. The episode brings up the subject of how other adolescents view puberty as well as how adults view puberty. The changes of puberty aren’t all physical. Moral development is demonstrated numerous times during the episode. This is demonstrated through the actions of the characters. Other actions into puberty are initiation rites. King of the Hill illustrates the importance of initiation rites to becoming a teenager. The rites are

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