King Herod And Ezra Essay

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King Herod and Ezra BIB-123 9/06/2009 There are many differences and similarities between Herod the Great and Ezra. Though they were in two separate timeframes and even in two separate books of the bible. Herod the Great was King over Judea where he was much disliked and many even hated him immensely. He was an evil and cruel man. He seemed to only be worried about himself and his things. It was for this reason that I think he was so scared of people trying to take over the throne. This led to him ordering to have all children less than two year to be killed so that Jesus could not take a spot that he felt was rightfully his. He was even accused of killing a couple of his own children and even a wife. He was not a pleasant man. Herod the Great was not Jewish but was given the throne by the Romans when they took over. Many of his people disliked him for that reason. They felt that he should be Jewish to rule the throne. But he was also hated him for his cruelty to the Jewish people. While at the same time there was a few that liked him for the simple fact that he let them practice their own religion. Though not well liked, he did accomplish quite a bit in the sense that he was a very good builder. He built temples and theaters starting with a temple in Jerusalem in 19 B.C. He also tried to turn his people away from their traditional and conservative ways of following the laws, to following his laws and his ways of thinking. Ezra on the other hand was a man of God. He listened and followed God’s word. When he found out about his people’s sins against God he cried and looked for guidance. He believed that according to God’s law you could not intermarry. You were supposed to stay with your own people. Ezra was committed to serving God with his life. In conclusion Ezra and Herod the Great were nothing alike. One was only interested

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