King Henry Vii's Influence On The Rebirth Of England

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2.King Henry vii was seemed infatuated with having a son. His first wife could not give him one son so to him she was useless, Henry wanted to divorce Katherine in order to move on to a new wife who could possible bear a son for him, King Henry went to the pope and asked for a divorce, when the pope declined King Henry of his request, he was ousted and the catholic church separated and Henry made the Church of England. When This great change occurred Henry then divorced Katherine and secretly married. 3.The renaissance is known as the rebirth because, that Europe region was changing its literature, art ,thought and learning process. Many of the people who were influential during the renaissance period are still famous presently. It started a intellectually differed pattern within Europe.…show more content…
Luther’s role in the protestant reformation stared when he began to critique the pop and Catholic Church. He talked about the pope not allowing the bible to be translated in other languages. Luther was in hiding he translated the bible which was only written in Greek and Latin in
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