King George Ii Essay

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Trouble over Taxes King’s servant: King George, do you now how much money we lost during the French and Indian War? King George III: How Much? King’s servant: $1,987,510,198. King George III: $1,987,510,198! We need money for the British Army Protection. What can we do? King’s servant: I don’t know? What do you think? King George III: I will have to think about a plan in the morning. I got it! King’s servant: What is it King George? King George III: I shall make money by making the colonists pay taxes. I shall make a law called the Stamp Act. That means they will pay taxes on every paper they buy. King’s servant: King George. King George III: What is it? King’s servant: The colonists are not paying taxes on paper. King George III: How dare they. I shall now put on the Townshend Acts. That means they will pay taxes on everything a person needs. King’s servant: But what about the Son- King George III: Be quiet! This plan will work no matter what will happen. King’s servant: George? King George III: Do not call me George! King’s servant: Sorry sir, but… King George III: But what? King’s servant: Only the loyalists are paying. King George III: How much did we get? King’s servant: $256. King George III: You know that is not enough money. King’s servant: I know that, but now the Daughters of Liberty are making their own cloth, tea, and food. King George III: I shall make a new law next year. I think they should be arrested. King’s servant: Yes sir. Next time: The colonists have a fight in Boston called the Boston Massacre. The Tea Act is passed. The colonists dump tea in the harbor in Boston called the Boston Tea Party. Britain punishes Boston. The colonists rebel King’s servant: King George, the people of Boston are fighting. May we call it the Boston Massacre? King George III: Let the colonists name

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