King George III Propaganda Essay

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Everything deserves an explanation. This was no different for King George III’s disastrous ruling resulting in the American Revolution. King George III is credited for the American Revolution and all the disasters and deaths that went with it. However, King George III was merely a scapegoat. Like so many cases that still occur in modern times, such as African Americans taking blame for white men’s crimes, King George III was a scapegoat for the English government. While many may argue that because George III was King, he is solely responsible. This however is not the case as the government was made of many branches and leaders. King George III may have been King during the time of the American Revolution, but rather than blaming King George…show more content…
Elections are mostly propaganda. Commercial propagandas are used to sell items. Propaganda decides much of daily life decisions. Propaganda played a major part in American’s hatred of King George III. Not all of Americans fully supported the War. American leaders needed to change this. In order to gain independence, America needed to have the full support of its people and to be justifiable. King George III became the answer. American leaders portrayed King George III as a tyrant who was responsible for all the actions that the English had done to harm America. The Declaration of Independence and Common Sense did just that. In both, America blamed King George III for America’s injustice and gained moral in Americans by redirecting public resentment towards King George III. This brilliant plan by Jefferson and Paine worked. Scapegoating in fact could be seen even earlier in American history such as in early colonial times when rich landowners started racism and presenting African Americans as inferior in order to prevent rebellions such as Bacon’s Rebellion. By redirecting the unassurance that many Americans had about the Revolution towards King George III’s tyranny and unjust, American leaders such as Jefferson and Paine were able to gain support for the American Revolution. King George III was not only seen as a man of evil in America, but also in his own country. King George III had few friends in England and was picked on by Parliament. King George III was truly a man of
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