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Background of the Case “King Edward Hospital” King Edwards Hospital is a urological hospital that pioneered in the area of medical surgeries on hernia repairs that is related to the organs that support our urinal system. Their medical innovations are accompanied by a very patient-friendly system that creates a better environment for both the patients’ condition and the work ethics of the doctors and staff. To maintain this somewhat perfect system, the company has some strategies on how their operations and services will run. This system is benchmarked to a superior techniques developed during World War II in Canada. For example, patients with uncomplicated conditions of external hernia are the only patients that are accepted in their program. The process promotes a “healing” attitude that guarantees a faster way of finishing the therapies. Also, the hospital offers a country-club atmosphere, a socializing community that helps out the patients in recovering faster and better. The production of the hospital consists of five operating rooms with at least 12 full-time surgeons and seven part-time assistant surgeons. These people work five-days a week that is capable of performing 150 operations per week. If it deemed necessary, surgeons can be called on the 14th night of their shift and 10th weekend. Medical risks are disregarded to lessen the expense and relieve some stress for the doctors and staff. Their methods in conditioning the patients are exceptional because both staff and patients have time to socialize to release the tension of operation and procedures. With this system, they were able to perform 7,000 operations annually. Alongside with their 90 bed-hospital capacity, the hospital was able to deliver splendid service in both their operations and healing treatments. Because of this, they had a year where they performed 7,500 operations with the

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