King David Essay

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KING DAVID TERM PAPER How long did King David reign? Until recently, there was no evidence outside the bible that King David existed. There are no references to him in Egyptian, Syrian, or Assyrian documents of the time, and the many archaeological digs in the city of David failed to turn up even a mention of his name. Then, on July 21, 1993 certain pillars had inscriptions of being the “House of David”. King David reigned for a total of forty years. He reigned seven years in Hebron and Thirty three years in Jerusalem. Reference 1 Kings 2-11. And the days that David reigned over Israel were Forty years, seven he reigned in Hebron and thirty and three reigned he in Jerusalem. David knew how to control the negative situations that arose during his reign, and might have Threatened his time on the Throne. David was not a popular King and on at least two occasions he had to quell rebellions that nearly cost him his crown. One, led by his son Absalom, arose in David’s southern home base of Judah and temporarily drove him out of Jerusalem. The other came from the North, led by followers of the House of Saul who held David responsible for Saul’s death and many other wrongs. David could obviously be ambitious to a fault, and was not beyond his many dealings to scheme, where the profits would balance events in his favor and make it seem to be others. He and Saul spent much time trying to create ways to over throw the other and amass total control of the Israeli empire. David did not often spend much time apologizing for his sometimes ruthless ways, but it can be fairly stated that once David succeeded in having Saul murdered that Israel as a whole thrived at a higher level than previous. When need be David would even align himself with Israel’s enemies to maintain a certain balance within his Kingdom. God
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