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Characterizing King Creon A tragic hero is defined in most cases as a literary character of great power whose morals lead to tragedy yet self-awareness brings that character to make right decisions. A tragic hero in the Greek world is different from today’s prospective of a hero. In today’s world we consider a hero as Spiderman, Superman and etc. A tragic hero is an average person who still has flaws and performs bad actions yet comes to realization of their wrong and attempts to better themselves. Creon shows his character throughout the play as he recognizes his weaknesses, downfall and controlling demands. Creon is a very powerful and wealthy king. Yet, still a human with flaws. Creon’s loyalty is shown when they follow his orders about Polyneices burial. The Choragos speaks for the people and says “if that is your will, Creon son of Menoikus, you have the right to enforce it: we are yours” (pg.444). The royalty of his character makes him the perfect tragic hero. King Creon shows a noble quality when Oedipus is persecuted and he opens his arms to Antigone and Ismene. Creon is very demanding and controlling as a person. Even when speaking with Chorus, Creon does not ask for his approval yet demands he obeys his every command. It’s very apparent that King Creon is controlling. “The man the city sets up in authority must be obeyed in small things and in their opposites…there is nothing worse than disobedience in authority” (717-724). Creon expresses’ that he demands obedience in anything he says even if he’s wrong. He also goes on to express that wither his rules are unfair or not, his people must remain loyal and faithful to him at all times. Creon’s self-pride decisions to not allow his son to marry Antigone lead him to his son’s death. Creon is human, he is not perfect he has flaws and makes mistakes. Nonetheless his mistakes are true error of judgment

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