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King County, Washington Community Health Kimberly A. Quinlan Western Governors University Community Description and Data Interpretation Found on the western edge of Washington State, King County is situated between Puget Sound on the west, the Cascade Range on the east, Snohomish County to the north and Pierce County to the south. The region had originally been named after Vice President William R. King who was in office at the time of establishment but was later amended to represent Dr. Martin Luther King and the county logo was changed to the image of his face. The area is composed of majority landmass with various expansive lakes and the sound covering approximately 2,307 square miles. Although smaller in size compared to about three quarters of the other counties, it is the largest in population, estimated at 2,007,400 (City Data, 2012). In a presentation presented by the city council in 2013, “half of the area growth in recent years are coming from immigration of people from Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe and Africa” (Felt, 2013). The increase being a result of the draw of internationally known industries such as Microsoft, Amazon, Nintendo and Boeing and either educational or other employment opportunities with large numbers of hospitals and medical centers affiliated with education such as the University of Washington. With the continuing high cost of living and increasing rates for rentals and homes, the area has had a steady increase is the number of homeless, those living below poverty levels and individuals and families in need of financial assistance. Most likely due to the growing financial strain, loss of jobs and more people on the streets, alcohol, heroin and methamphetamine use continues to be high. The state’s largest city, Seattle, resides in King County and contains roughly two thirds of it’s population

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