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There are many versions of the story of King Arthur. Each portrays heroes, betrayal, magic, romance, and great acts of chivalry along with some magical help from Merlin. Mankind has always needed heroes. Throughout history Arthur is the symbol of a medieval hero who constantly endangers his own life for others. The chivalrous acts displayed by Arthur show the beauty of Arthurian romance and why, whether or not these legends are true, we want them to be. The Romans arrived in Britain in 55 BC. The Roman army has been involved in a war with France against the alliance of Gaul and Britain. Julius Ceasar led his army in the invasion of Great Britain to get back at them for having an alliance with Gaul. Ceasar’s twelve thousand Roman soldiers…show more content…
His father, King Aiden was a great ally of the British. He and his sons, including Arthur, lead the British in wars conducted in the North against the picts and the Saxons. The name of Arthur is also mentioned as a tenant in the Doomsday Book (1086 AD). From the thirteenth century to the sixteenth century the name that is dropped is usually Arturias. After the sixteenth century, the name regularly used it Arthur or Arther. He was occasionally portrayed as a British soldier fighting alongside the British and invading the Saxons. Because his name is dropped at so many places in history, it is almost impossible to say whether or not he did truly exist. In all the Arthurian legends Merlin was seen as a prophet of the early tenth century. But his role evolved into that of a sort of magician, prophet and advisor. He was active in all phases of administration in King Arthur’s kingdom. He was the son of a monastic royal princess of Dyfed. Merlin prophesied that Vortigern would be killed and followed in throne by Ambrosius Aurelianus, then Uther, and the the great leader…show more content…
In a piece of Le Morte d’Arther titled “the Crowning of Arthur” a story of the great king Arthur’s early life is told. His parent’s began their courtly love before his birth, and when he became the only person with the ability to pull the sword from the stone. In this story a tale of conquest is shown when Arthur became the only person who was able to pull the sword from the stone which implied that he was destined to be king. “…so Arthur strode up to the sword,and without troubling the inscription,tugged it free” (Sir Thomas Malory page 1069). Another element of this story which displays the time period was love. Shown when King Uther and Igraine had gotten married soon after the death of Igraine’s previous husband the duke. “The Marriage of King Uther and Igraine was celebrated thirteen days later” (Malory page 1068). The evidence above shows that these stories took place in this

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