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Say his name and it will spark an interesting conversation. It is quite apparent that Stephen King has made a nice little hole for himself in history. Like the Greek God Zeus, he has a firm stronghold on all things weird and creepy. holds a firm recognition in the hearts and minds of all the people who flipped the pages of Carrie. Stephen King, Stephen Edwin King as his mother knew him, has become a well known figure in modern literature. In the past thirty-four years, Mr. King has been busy filling the minds of avid readers throughout the world with scenes of not only macabre, but also of scenes of the human mind at its most primitive. He has written over fifty books, some where he weaves a terrifying or suspenseful event into an every day background,[2] others where he injects an inane plot into a steroid-pumped thriller. He has also written countless short stories, most of which have been complied into books themselves. King has been stunning audiences for well over thirty years, but it is not a talent that he acquired recently. He’s been doing it since his conception. Said so because he was a pleasant surprise to Nellie and Donald King, who had been told she would not be able to bear children. But, in 1947 in Portland, Maine,[3] the two were blessed with a child whom they named Stephen Edwin King. This man, now over the hill and ‘nearing the clearing at the end of the path,’ [The Dark Tower,] was not born into the fab life style of a successful author, King was born into a humble home. Though it was not humble for long, his parents had differences early in his life, which resulted in his father leaving to buy a pack of cigarettes one night and never returning, it was a home where single mother Nellie rose two young boys, David and Stephen, who didn’t turn out ‘all that bad’ after all. During his early childhood, Nellie had

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