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Kinesthetic Learner Essay

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  • on December 2, 2013
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Kinesthetic Learner 1

Kinesthetic Learner: Learning Strategies

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Instructional Technology for Successful Online Students Professor Josh Gerstner September 26, 2013

Kinesthetic Learner 2 Kinesthetic Learner: Learning Strategies Drawing. Experimentation. Role playing. One might question, what do they have in common? The answer is the Kinesthetic Learner. Kinesthetic learning is a type of learning style which is carried out by using physical activity. For a Kinesthetic learner it could be difficult to learn different learning styles. The more physical action performed in a skill the more the student obtain knowledge. There are learning strategies to assist a kinesthetic learner such as action-based classes, harmonious teachers, and regular breaks to aid students in learning to the best of their ability. According to Richard Gage, Kinesthetic learners do exceedingly well in action-based classes (Gage 1995). As a student I have learned that I absorb and retain information better in a “hands on” environment. It is exciting and easier to focus on a task or project when “grasping it” physically. Laboratory experiments capture the minds of kinesthetic learners by allowing mobility and physical activity. Although it was interesting to take a test on what type of learner I am, I was not surprised to be labled as a Kinesthetic learner. In Science class I was more attentive when I was in the lab because learning was interesting due to moving around freely and exploring. Another method of action-based learning is role playing. In History class I was able to role play inventors and I obtain what I have learned till this day! Secondly, Gage discusses the encouragement of a compatible teacher would be helpful because the teachers often considers the styles of a kinesthetic learner (Gage 1995) appropriate, where as another teacher could view this type of learning as disruptive. I have experienced a classroom setting where the teacher did not...

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