Kinesiology Fitness Questions

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KINA 130 Fitness – Chapters 1-5 Questions Unit 2 Please answer the chapter questions and turn them in on the posted dues dates. Each question should be answered in one paragraph. Three to six sentences in length. Activity and Fitness (Chapter 1) What are the benefits of activity and fitness? Participation in regular activity improves your overall health and lowers your risk of the number one killer of men and women, heart disease. The physical benefits of both are abundant, but they lower the ricks of heart disease, hypertension, stroke, diabetes, and other vascular problems. They burn calories minimizing chance of obesity, metabolic syndrome, and some cancers. They help build bone mass lowering the risk of osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, and low-back pain. Lastly, exercise increases macrophage production, salivary immunoglobulin A, and increase immune cell circulation improving the function of the immune system. Psychologically, they diminish anxiety and depression, control stress and minimize its negative effects on the body, improve self-esteem, self-concept, and body image, and improve cognition and problem solving. There are two types of fitness, aerobic fitness and muscular fitness, with their own benefits. Aerobic fitness pushes your body and forces it to adapt to adapt to the overload that the exercise is causing when trying to complete continuous tasks. This will later enable you to participate in harder workouts and exercise in the future. Muscular fitness is required in independent daily activities and unplanned emergencies. Fitness training tones one of the most important muscles, your heart. Both activity and fitness positively impact your physical and psychological well-being. How much activity is needed? Every adult, according to the American College of Sports Medicine and Centers for Disease Control, should participate in 30 minutes of

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