Kindertransport Character Analysis

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How does Samuels present the figure of ‘The Ratcatcher’ in Kindertransport? What is the significance of this character? The Ratcatcher is presented through many different ways in this play. Sometimes as a solid character, a lot of the time as authority figures, sometimes as people that Evelyn loves and sometimes we see The Ratcatcher through other characters, such as Evelyn. The first appearance of this character in Kindertransport is at the beginning of the play, where we see Eva reading Der Rattenfänger (The Ratcatcher), and also the first time we see Eva herself. This is clearly important and shows the significance of both of these characters. Throughout the play Eva is constantly accusing other people or things as being Ratcatchers.…show more content…
Evelyn accuses Lil as being The Ratcatcher: “You made me betray her.” To which Lil responds “I got you through it.” This shows just how untrustworthy Evelyn is of other people because of her past, being sent away by her parents and was left to ultimately believe that they had forgotten about her. This paragraph and the last shows that however close Evelyn is to people, she will always have this issue with trusting people, and it is likely that her subconscious mind believes that everyone she comes close to has taken her away from something – freedom. This links to The Ratcatcher’s significance, as he is constantly taking away children’s freedom, and throughout the play Samuels presents this character via Evelyn constantly. In scene one, an authority figure, the Officer, is the voice of The Ratcatcher, and I believe that in this particular moment of the play the Officer isn’t the only Ratcatcher. The train itself is taking Eva away, so here The Ratcatcher is presented as both this intimidating man and an object, not living. It is not because Samuels was lazy in her casting that the voice of the Officer and The Ratcatcher share the same actor, it was done deliberately to show that the Officer is taking Eva
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