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It isn’t so easy to get into the historical Ferrero plant in Alba, where they produce the coveted children’s treats, to find out what hides behind the planetary success of an all Italian company which has created a way of doing business from discretion, reliability and quality. But when Ferrero opens its doors a unique and, it has to be said, surprising world is revealed. We discussed it with the directors of the packaging and advertising departments. Ferrero and children. Nutella, Kinder eggs, surprises. What is behind all of this? Where did you start? One of the most important aspects of our company philosophy - which entails the maximum focus on quality - is certainly that of innovation and creativity Ferrero grew by creating increasingly new products, some of which, like Nutella and the eggs, have been a worldwide success. Moreover, we place a great deal of importance on knowing our consumers and listening to their needs, which we have often anticipated. All this has meant that many of our products have been on the market for over thirty years, such as Kinder Cioccolato, our number one children’s product dating from 1968. Kinder was created to meet the needs of mothers: how to entice children to consume more milk? The answer was: by covering it in chocolate. “More milk, less chocolate” is the motto of the entire range of Kinder products. Moreover, the bar was conceived as a single dose product, packaged individually and divided into portions, and this was absolutely innovative compared to the pre-existing 50 or 100 gram chocolate bars. Another huge success was Kinder Sorpresa, a product created when the egg containing the surprise could only be found at Easter and only in a few countries. Kinder Sorpresa revolutionised the concept of the Easter egg, making it smaller and two-tone and made it possible to celebrate Easter every day. The whole Kinder range, linked

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