Be Kind Rewind (review)

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Be Kind Rewind Homer Yen states, that the film Be Kind Rewind has realistic tendencies but at the same time can never happen. The set up is too done up with the actors energy trying too hard to actually be funny. The film introduces the audience to a new type of film called “sweded”. Trying to make a customer happy, the two main actors are forced to make a “sweded” version of Ghostbuster which becomes a local hit. Making their own Hollywood versions of movies, both actors redo the movies and they do it less skillfully. With the stores future at stake, they take on a bigger role and redo over 300 titles to make enough money to save the store from destruction. The movie keeps a good storyline by showing that under budget movies without special effects can compete with the larger upscale Hollywood movies. Be Kind Rewind is the first warm welcoming movie of 2008. Sam Osborne states that we all have our places we tend to rent movies from. His rentals come from The Video Station. The store is so huge that you can get lost searching for titles so its better to ask for help. The film Be Kind Rewind is a story based on jazz music, independent films and the VCR. Hollywood director Gondry doesn’t use any CGI but instead uses homemade looking props and sets to achieve the effects of today’s camera effects. Gondry did not put any originality to his story since main character Jack Black thinks his mind is being controlled by a power plant, attempts to take it down but becomes magnetized and inevitably erases all the stores tapes on a visit. With the boss out of town and the need to remake the erased copy of Ghostbusters, the two main actors set out to remake the film. For an emotional twist, the director throws in the fact that the store also needs $60,000 to avoid demolition and wonders off the movies actual plotline. Homer Yens review is pretty close to what the movie

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