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Savvy businesswoman, author, philanthropist, producer, top model, television personality, Tony Award winner and — according to Forbes Magazine — Kimora Lee Simmons is one of the top “hardest working mothers in Hollywood.” Her energetic personality and stunning magnificence are familiar around the world, but these attributes only scratch the surface of one of the most dynamic and powerful businesswomen in fashion and entertainment. Kimora Lee Simmons has accomplished what many may not accomplish in a lifetime. In 1999, Kimora launched the phenomenon known as Baby Phat with then-husband Russell Simmons – the President and Founder of Phat Fashions – as the counterpart to Phat Farm, his pioneering men’s urban fashion brand. As the face of the brand and the prophet behind it, Kimora was the driving force behind Baby Phat and worked indefatigably to establish it as a premier metropolitan collection. When the brand first hit the scene, it was with tiny tees cleverly named Baby Phat (an acronym for “pretty, hot and tempting”) that were produced to electrify a Phat Farm runway show. When celebrities, supermodels and arbiters of style began wearing the baby tees, the phenomenon grew, and Kimora launched an entire Baby Phat sportswear collection. A lifestyle brand was born and expanded into over 20 product categories globally ranging from fragrance, jewelry, footwear and kids apparel to outerwear, handbags and intimates. During this time, Kimora also launched junior brands Kouture by Kimora and Fabulosity. In 2010, Kimora parted ways with Baby Phat and began focusing her full attention on her KLS Collection, a line of stylish and contemporary sportswear designed for the woman who has evolved alongside Kimora over the last 10 years. Showcasing her life as an entrepreneur who continually strives to balance her family life, Kimora is the star of The Style Network’s top-rated show

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