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A New Start is Really Tough The story of Girl in Translation written by Jean Kwok is all about Kim (main character) and Ma (Kim’s mother) who started their new lives in the U.S., and their situation was not within their control. At first, they thought that their lives could be better when they immigrated to the U.S. But it was totally opposite. They were working hard to earn money, even though it was not enough for their payment. In fact, Kimberly and her mother’s situation were not within their control because they had nothing after her father passed away. They were new in the U.S. and did not speak English and no one supported for them. After Kim’s father passed away their family became unstable and Ma had been diagnosed with tuberculosis before they come to the U.S. In the story, Kim said, “Pa had died of a stroke when I was three, and now we had left him behind” (Kwok13-14). There fore, Kim and her mother had been through a tough situation after her father died. That is the reason that Kim and her mother wanted to come to America. But it was different from what they were thinking. They had nothing in the U.S. and had to stay in an old apartment, which the government was going to tear down. Indeed, Kim and Ma’s situation was not in their control after her father passed away. Their new lives in the U.S also made their situation worse because they did not speak English. Kim and Ma had to struggle with their new start in the U.S. because they didn’t Know English. Not only could they not speak English but also they were new immigrants and the environment and people were new to them. First day of Kim at elementary school, “ I knew I should answer so I guessed” (kwok25). Mr. Bogart talked to her but she didn’t understand. It shows that Kim tried to guess what Mr. Bogart talked to her. Moreover, Kim and Ma had problem with

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