Killings By Andre Dubus Analysis

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Killings Author: Andre Dubus Andre Dubus, the author, was a Louisiana native. He was apart of a group titled Christian Brothers School and also attended McNeese State College. Dubus spent most of his life in Massachusetts. Majority of his stories took place in the Merrimack Valley located north of Boston. Dubus was an officer for five years after finishing college. He earned a MFA at the University of Iowa in order to become a teacher at Bradford University by of which is located in Massachusetts. Dubus wrote many of stories and earned a large amount of awards. His stories were mostly about violence, anger, tenderness, and guilt. I would say from the four story plots for this story I would pick two of them. Violence and tenderness. I say violence because of the murder that happens. I say tenderness because of mostly Frank being ok with Mary Ann having children and being older than him because he really liked her. But this brings us to what the story is about.…show more content…
Frank refuses to press charges and suggest he learns karate. Later when Mary Ann comes over and Matt gives them a few shots. While Mary Ann is coming out of the kitchen, Richard busted the door down and shoots Frank repeatedly. After the funeral and all Matt plans revenge. Matt basically kidnaps Richard Strout and puts a muzzle to his head and tells him he has to pack his suitcase and move

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