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Eric Montano Professor Michael Lawson Anthropology 101-506 November 13, 2014 Killing us Softly When countries go to war, this is a time of devastation, mourning and death. War, normally has a beginning and an end, which is defined by the autograph on a piece of paper from those nations leaders who did not fire one shot or landed on any beachhead. Unlike the characteristic of war, Jean Kilbourne, Ed. D. has been at war with the media over 40 years. Dr. Jean Kilbourne holds a doctorate in Education from Boston University and is internationally recognized for her work on the image of women in advertising. In my Anthropology class at the University of New Mexico-Valencia campus, I had the pleasure of watching a documentary of Dr. Kilbourne via YouTube giving a speech on advertising and the role of women. It appeared the speech was given to a large group of young men and women. Dr. Kilbourne’s war on the media appears to have no ending in sight because she believes the advertising images of women in the media are getting worst not better. Dr. Kilbourne has exposed a pattern of advertising that is selling to the world that women are just an object and the ideal woman has to appear thin, tan, and blonde with large breast. Dr. Kilbourne’s war on the media has shown through her speeches and video that women bodies are betrayed as objects. The documentary showed an advertising clip of women in a bathing suit that resembles a bottle of Michelob, as well as a bottle of Budweiser, and even a video game. The advertising was emphasizing the women’s thin, long legs, and curves to sell beer. At first, I was amused at the advertising clip but when I sat back and thought about the big picture. The media through advertising has always used women in commercial ads on television or outside billboards as objects that can be owned. Those images are saying to men, women

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