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I WANT A WIFE In “I Want a Wife” by Judy Brady, the author manipulates her opponents into fighting on her side. Judy Brady presents the audience’s perspective clearly and fairly. She does this by alluding to how much responsibility women have and how much they do for them daily. The author’s repetition of words makes her ideas stronger and standout further, while she is repeating the issues that are relating with her own life. She tries to get her audience's attention by being rational and not emotional when she expresses her point of view. At the same time she adds a little humor and extends the idea that men have unreasonable perspectives on gender roles. Judy Brady’s writing style in manipulating her opponents into seeing how men treat women has many advantages. One of them is that by using irony in the essay, she sends a message to all the male readers about how valuable a wife is to them, and also Judy Brady makes use of humor to make her points more convincing. She expressed: “I want a wife to go along when our family takes a vacation so that someone can continue to care for me and my children when I need to rest and change of scene”. Also, “My God, who wouldn’t want a wife?.” These quoted sentences sound very funny, but she does not really mean that she wants a wife; she only wants someone who will help. In this part of the essay, male readers can understand that they have to cooperate with the home tasks because it’s not just a woman's responsibility. Judy Brady has another advantage in this type of writing approach because she knows how to persuade the male readers in a neutral way. She never tries to be adversarial to them. On the contrary, she is positive; she doesn’t give any kind of complaints while she was writing this essay. Male readers can relate easily to what she was saying. The disadvantage of Judy Brady’s writing style in manipulating men

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