Killing During War –A Sin?

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Some people may argue that killing during war is a sin because many people end up losing their lives, on the other hand others may say that killing during war should not count as a sin because the soldiers are risking their lives to protect their land and the innocent people who live there. Although most people say that it shouldn’t count as a sin because when soldiers fight during war, they are protecting their land and the innocent people that accommodate it. They also have orders from the military leader that they cannot disobey. It is also mentioned in the Bible and the Quran that people must protect their country and others who live there. Killing people during war time should not count as a sin for many reasons. During war the army will have to protect the future of its country and avoid or minimize the damage that could occur, so it must defend and protect the land and innocent people who live there. Killing in an event of war isn’t sinful when the army is defending its land against the attacking country because if the defending army doesn’t defend or protect its land and people then they will get killed by the attacking army and therefore the attacking army will invade and possibly destroy the country. The soldiers also have a job to do so they won’t be able to disobey orders from their military leader or refuse to follow them. Defending property and people is also part of their job description which means that they will have to do anything they can to fulfill it. It is mentioned in the Bible and the Quran that it is acceptable to defend your country against your enemies. Although that doesn’t mean that killing people without a sensible reason is fine. If you had to kill someone because you were defending yourself, house or others then it won’t be counted as a sin due to the fact that you are doing a good deed by helping others. On the other hand, if
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