Killer Cars: An Assault On Reason

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Killer Cars- an assault on reason “Killer cars – an assault on reason” is an opinion piece written by Melanie Masters saying that four-wheel-drives are dangerous and should not be allowed on the roads. Masters intend to send the message that four-wheel-drives are risky vehicle type and should be banned. Masters writes in a serious, yet sarcastic tone to show her disgusts towards four-wheel-drives, which she refers to as “death machines”. She targets an audience of drivers, parents and the government to support her contention and help get rid of four-wheel-drives on roads completely as they are a threat to the society. In the first paragraph, Masters use strong language to describe four-wheel-drives. She started her piece by referring to an authority figure which is the pedestrian council of NSW, Harold Scruby, who describes four-wheel-drives to be “death machines”. This strategy is designed to confirm her underlying contention as an authority figure seems to supporting her point of view and easier to make the reader to agree with her. Masters then follows on with her description by using strong, bold words to describe four-wheel-drives vehicles. The description, “They are the monsters of the road, hulking, huge and high-seated” is to strengthen her outrage towards the vehicle. She then informs her audience about the “two chief…show more content…
Calling four-wheel-drives “killer cars” makes the readers see four-wheel-drives as monsters rather than a vehicle. The picture included along with the article visually describes how dangerous the vehicle can be and how drivers of these type of vehicles are ignorant and mindless. The illustration exaggerates the dangers of four-wheel-drives and shows a monster sized vehicle mindlessly and easily crushing another, much smaller vehicle. This image is for the audience to visualize just how threatening 4WDs can

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