Killer Cars - an Assault on Reason.

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KILLER CARS – AN ASSAULT ON REASON In an article ‘Killer cars – an assault on reason’ by Melanie Masters brings out the issue of large cars being a threat to public safety. In an aggressive and concerned tone the writer contends that all cars of this sort should be banned from public roads, to an audience of law abiding citizens and 4WD owners using plenty of statistics and appeals to attempt to persuade the readers to agree with her. 4WDs are the most aggressive vehicle type. Masters states that 4WDs are ‘hulking, huge, high seated’ to emphasise to the readers that these cars are too big to be safe on public roads and should be banned. She then goes on to bring out statistics of how many crashes have occurred (5.89% per 100 crashes) and the amount of children that have died due to these death machines, in an attempt to persuade the audience to agree to her idea of getting the cars banned. Masters then tells the story of “five-year-old Bethany” who was killed in the driveway of her school to show to the audience how dangerous the cars are in an attempt to get the audience to agree with her opinion. 4WD are not environmentally friendly. Masters mentions a study done by “Queensland University of technology’s centre for accident research and road safety” to display to the audience that it’s not just her opinion this article is based on but that of an expert, to encourage them to view these cars the same way she does, and some others do. She then states that due to their greater size the 4WDs have a “greater fuel consumption, more greenhouse gas emissions and higher operating costs” showing another way the cats impact the wellbeing of many in a negative way in the hopes of persuading the audience to see the negative impacts of these types of cars and make a move to ban them. Masters then mentions a study done by “AAMI” to add another expert opinion to her

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