Who Killed The Roman Republic?

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Who Killed The Roman Republic? Before I state my opinion on how the roman republic fell I need to explain the reasons why Rome was so successful and how it endured for around 700 years. Romans believed in their ancestors traits duty, hard work, and discipline were the general pillars of success. The Rome was successful because of three main reasons; They were good diplomats, they had an persistent military, and they had a sturdy system of laws and politics. The senate started to control the governing body of the roman state by around 145 B.C. The senate was in control of wars, foreign and domestic policies. The senate and political officers mostly consisted of aristocrats (a small circle of rich and powerful families). These aristocrats served terms for state as chief officers or senators for life. The back bone of the roman republic used to consist of small farmers. They could not compete with the large wealthy land owning aristocrats, the small farmers ended up loosing all of their land. Rome now has a large group of citizens with no land, with out an occupation , no money, no job, and no political voice. This situation leads up to Rome’s economic and social downfall. There were two aristocrat brothers (Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus) acknowledged this growing problem and proposed a solution to this growing problem. The plan was to urge the council to take back public land held by large land owners and to redistribute it to the landless Romans. Senators were furious by this proposal and had the two brothers assassinated further after. There was absolutely no voice for the plebes in the roman republic. And the only aristocrats who stood up for change were assassinated by corrupt senators. The ex small farmers were absolutely furious. Not only was the government corrupt, but the roman army was weakening. The large population of landless roman citizens could
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