Kill Or Be Killed Essay

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john Washington Kill or be killed When it came to killing the rebels, Beah didn’t have a problem with them. I mean he was told that they were responsible for the killing of his family. It got so bad that killing became a daily routine. Eventually he started to enjoy killing people. After his family died it seemed that Beah did not have anything to live for. Beah experiences taught him how to become ruthless. It taught him how to live without a family. It was kill or be killed. Beah was taught that only the strongest will survive. Before I read “A Long Way Gone” I did not know that people were living in such horrible conditions. This book taught me that life is tough in Sierra Leone. I see why people try to come to the states. I realized that we have life easy in The United States. Have you ever encountered someone that’s from another country? Well I met this boy named Ishmael Beah and he told me about the memoirs of a boy soldier. When I first met Beah he was a nice young boy that loved to listen to foreign music and dance. After he lost his family he got recruited into the army. That is when his life changed. One day after the lieutenant was finished with his speech, they proceeded to practice killing the prisoners the way the lieutenant wanted it done. They forced five prisoners in a line. They were about to have a contest to see who could kill their prisoner the fastest. Beah was ready to kill the prisoner, because in his eyes they were the people responsible for the deaths of his family. Beah waited for the lieutenant’s gun shot to begin. When the shot went off, Beah grabbed the man’s head and slit his throat in one fluid motion. His eyes went to the back of his head and he was dead. Beah ended up winning the contest and was promoted to junior lieutenant (Beah 124-125). After that incident, I realized

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