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To understand a person you have to learn how to climb in his/her skin and walk around in it. Well that’s what Atticus always wanted to teach his children Jim and Scout. He didn’t want them to judge a person by there appearance their ways or anything else, but he wanted them to look deep down inside them and see what type of person they were on the inside. He basically taught them that they never really know what a person is going through until they climb inside their skin and see for their selves. Scout learns this lesson that her father teaches her from three very important characters in this story (to kill a mocking bird).Scout sits and watches the racism in Tom Robinson’s trial. She notices the sadness in May Ella Ewell’s eyes and wonders what’s really going on in her life, and she realizes that Boo Radley isn’t as bad as the town (May comb) makes him out to be. She learns that she had to climb inside their skin to realize what they were really going through in their life, but she surely understood what Atticus meant. Scout interacts with a lot of characters but one character in particular is Tom Robinson. Tom Robinson is one out of the few African American characters in to kill a mocking bird who was trying to do nothing but help his neighbors in May comb. Unfortunately Tom Robinson was victim caught up in the racism of Mr. Ewell’s daughter, May Ella Ewell. She claimed that Tom Robinson raped her, but with his brilliant lawyer Atticus Finch by his side the truth came out. Come to find out Tom Robinson never laid a hand on May Ella he never made an attempt. Even though Atticus came to the conclusion that Tom was innocent the jury still didn’t think so. So Mr. Ewell’s case won when everyone at the trial knew that Tom should have won. A few days later the police at the jail shot Tom seventeen times, they claimed that he was trying to escape. Tom Robinson died.

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