to kill a mocking bird

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To kill a mocking bird He is the neighbour of the finches. he is 6.5 feet tall, dined on raw squirrels and cats. His hands where blood stained.jaggered scar across his face. What teeth he had where yellow and rottern.his eyes popped and he drawled most of the time. Boo is seen as someone to fear, the children are scared of him and they make up games about him. They play a game of dare which scout and gem have to get nearest to boo’s house. Boo Radley cares for the children by leaving treasures and mending their clothes. This reassures the children by killing for them and showing effecting towards the children As the story unravels the fear the children have of boo radley develops into a understanding that boo is a delicate creature. Scots first day at school – if I didn’t have to stay id leave, jem that damn lady says that attics been teaching me to read and for him to stop it. Anybody in your house is company. Don’t remark on their ways like you’re so high and mighty. You folks may be better than the Cunningham’s but it doesn’t count for nothing the way your disgracing them. They played the radley family and scout was mrs radley and jem was mr radley. Atticus did not encourage the game when jem and scout informed him about them but would not kill their wild childhood imagination. Atticus believed that boo deserved his privacy and did not want the children to manipulate him Ms maudey is a voice of reason within the story and gives motherly advice to the children Jems pants get caught in the fence as they run away from the radley house. A gun shot if fired and are overwhelmed by their own fear their imaginations a re genating their own fear there are scaring
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