Kilauea Web Quest

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Keasha Sims Kilauea Web Quest I. 1. A volcano is a mountain that opens downward to a pool of molten rock below the Earth’s surface. 2. Volcanoes are formed by movement of tectonic plates. 3. The different types of volcanoes are shield, cinder cones, and composite or strato- volcanoes. 4. Earthquakes and volcanoes are both related because they both form at plate boundaries. 5. The movement of plates causes earthquakes and volcanoes. 6. Magma chambers are large pools that hold the lava in a volcano. Lava is the rock that comes out of the volcano during an rupture. The Main Vent is the point where the lava reaches the Earth’s surface. The Crater is the area of the volcano where there is a depression due to the activity of a volcano. Secondary Vents are extra vents that the lava seeped through Secondary Cones are built by lava and are on the volcano. The risks to people and property from volcanic eruptions are being destroyed by lava. Some risks to people are suffocation to the gas cloud. You can predict volcanic ruptures because there will be ground shaking, increase in temperature and the Earth’s surface will began to bulge. What role have volcanoes played in the evolution of life on the planet? II. 1. Kilauea is located in Hawaii. 2. As the lava dries, it forms new land over the volcano to thicken the cone. 1. What kind of damage has occurred from Lava flows? 2. Lava Flows is the lava that slide down the side of the volcano. The dangers of hot lava meeting the surface are streams that resulted from the boiling of the salt water and the instantaneously change to a crystal. The water temperature where lava meets water is 30 -69. Volcanic Gases 1. What types of problems occur to living things from volcanic gases? Click below to find out about the "Hot
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