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Jerry starts off the story in safety but quickly moves into love and belonging which becomes evident in this piece of literature, “he preserved his nervous, uncomprehending smile, they understood that he was a foreigner strayed from his own beach, and they proceeded to forget him. But he was happy. He was with them.” In this segment of “Through The Tunnel,” it shows Jerry’s entry to love and belonging simply by the statement “ a foreigner strayed from his own beach,” what this shows is that Jerry has left his comfort zone, and is now curious and ready to reach for the unknown. Another point that proves this is the wording used, this shows that he is still a child because he can not control his enthusiasm of feeling like he belongs which is also shown in the statement, “But he was happy, he was with them,” which also shows Jerry's advancement because even though he is no longer the focus of their attention, it no longer matters to him because he is satisfied with the brief acknowledgment. This only helps to prove the point that he is becoming his own person, and also less reliant on other people. As Jerry progresses in the story he begins to achieve esteem, in the sense that he no longer needs the respect, or the help of others to push him to succeed. “... He would do it. He would do it if it killed him, he said defiantly to himself.” This shows that Jerry has reached esteem because he is by himself and is no longer working to impress other people, but to prove to himself that he is capable of succeeding at such a task. It also shows advancement in the fact that he is contradicting himself and pushing himself in ways that he normally would not. This also shows that he has almost reached the point of self-actualization. Self-actualization, realizing that the only person anyone truly needs to succeed at a task is themselves, and that the approval of others is

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