Kid Play Profile Assignment

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This assignment will include one of Henry's play/leisure scale that has been administered to a child by an interview with a report describing the result that has been obtained. The scale that specifically used in this assignment is the kid play profile [KPP]. The Henry scale helps the occupational therapist to evaluate the abilities of their client and help them to know better about their client's life and interests which is important information for the occupational therapist to know. Play has an important role in the child development it help the child to be more socialize and make the child more capable to express him/her self. (National Literacy Trust, n.d.). After getting a permission from the legal guardian of the child which was his mother his general information was token. His name is Faisal, he's a 7 years old boy was born in 26 May 2011, he's studying in the…show more content…
The things that made this experience successful is the client he was helpful and interacting well with us and doing this assignment in a group made it more successful and easier to collect the information about the child, it was a good experience for a first time doing Henry's [KPP]. If we had the opportunity to have this experience again we would choose the adolescent leisure interest profile. The thing that inhabited the interview and the assessment was the child himself he took time in doing the scale and answering our questions. We were surprised at how Faisal interacts with us and how he like outdoor activities more than playing video games which is rare to see a child at his age prefers to go out and play. The Henry's [KPP] helped us to know better about the client interest and what kind of occupations he likes to do, this scale is useful for occupational therapist to know their client better which will assist them in treating the
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