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Television and Children This is an analysis of the research showing what impact the viewings of televised sex and violence have on children. I have often heard from others that television has an influence on the way a child behaves. As a result, I limit access of certain types of programs for my own children and I am curious if this is substantiated by empirical evidence. For myself, I will be able to further evaluate the television viewing policy I have set for my children. For society as a whole, this could implicate a negative role for television on childhood development. Jeffrey McIntyre, from the American Psychological Association, says the evidence proves that children are effected by what they watch on television and there is no arguing against the evidence (Mifflin). A researcher from the University of Toronto, Jonathan L. Freedman, states that there is a direct link between watching violent shows and children displaying aggressive behavior. Children who see violence are more likely to believe that it is all right to act that way themselves and that is a valid method of resolving conflict (AAP). Perpetrators of violent acts are more likely to have viewed violence as a child. Research has shown that watching a lot of violence on television can lead to aggression or fear of being a victim of aggression (Donnerstein, Smith 35). The link between watching too much television violence and aggressive behavior remains the same for all people, regardless of status or ethnicity. The impact on a child from watching violence on television can stay with them for life (Donnerstein, Smith 36). Children exposed to sex and violence on television learn about these behaviors, imitate them and become desensitized to it (Donnerstein, Smith 37-42). The National Institute of Mental Health has reported that violence on television effects both male and female

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