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The Khmer Rouge’s downfall Pin Yathay’s book Stay alive, my son walk us through the darkest and bloody history of Cambodia. After Lon Nol had taken power, Prince Sihanouk was angry and turned his backing towards the Khmer Rouge in a vain endeavor to restore his particular force base. Backed by the support of Prince Sihanouk and China, the Khmer Rouge grew rapidly and successfully took power from Lon Nol, as Yathay stated in his book: “But on April 1st, Lon Nol was persuaded to leave, thus removing the final obstacle to a negotiated settlement.” (Yathay 6) The Khmer Rouge began to rule the country in 1975 when they entered the capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh, which was the beginning of man-made hell. The ruling was full of “hatred, fear and destruction” according to Pin Yathay. (Yathay xiii) During the period when Khmer Rouge was in charge, “millions suffered deportation, hard labour, starvation, and death.” (Yathay xiii) In the beginning, their targets were the high-class people, such as technicians. However as last, the Khmer Rouge started to kill the Ancients and their ranks when the regime began to collapse. (Yathay 237) It was because that the Khmer Rouge was “unable to slacken their iron discipline, seeing enemies everywhere, caught in their trap.” (Yathay 237) Overall, one-third of the whole population was killed during the ruling period, and a culture vanished. Yathay stated in his book that the tragedy was “…comparable only to the destruction wrought by the Black Death in Europe, by the Jewish Holocaust, and by the Stalinist Gulag.” (Yathay 237) The book depicted people’s real life under the ruling of totalitarianism through Yathay’s first perspective. They were desperate, starving and might die anytime. When people, the fundamental units of a country, started to extinguish, the regime would collapse inevitably. Yathay has the same thought in the book that:

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