Khmer Rouge Essay

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\pard\nowidctlpar\nooverflow\sl274\slmult1\ri17\tx720{\b\ul\dbch\af1\loch\af0\hich \f0\lang1033\fs24\kerning28 What happened:{\b0\ulnone \par}} \pard\nowidctlpar\nooverflow\sl274\slmult1\ri17\tx720{\dbch\af1\loch\af0\hich\f0 \lang1033\fs24\kerning28 In 1975 Pol Pot was the ruler of Cambodia. He was a communist but became corrupt with his ideologies and imprisoned his own people as slaves. He forbade religion, education, individual homes and hospitals. He declared a war on his own people. He captured and tortured the middle class. One of the places he did this was known as the S-21 prison. When the people were no longer wanted alive they were driven to what is now known as a place called Cheoeung Ek Memorial which was known as a killing field during Pol Pots rule. 1/5 of Cambodia{\lang3081 \u8217\'92}s population (more then a million people) died from execution, hunger and disease.{\cf1\par}} \pard\nowidctlpar\nooverflow\sl274\slmult1\ri17\tx720{\dbch\af1\loch\af0\hich\f0 \cf1\lang1033\fs24\kerning28\par} \pard\nowidctlpar\nooverflow\sl274\slmult1\ri17\tx720{\dbch\af1\loch\af0\hich\f0 \cf1\lang1033\fs24\kerning28 When I was in year 10 I was a part of a group of people from my high school that got to go on a trip to visit Vietnam and Cambodia. We went and visited the S-21 prison and the killing fields The S-21 prison was a high school that was turned into a prison to house the middle class that were considered to official enemy under communist ideaology. Communist views considered everyone equal and valued the lower working class. The middle class considered as teachers , doctors, engineers and all ranks of Cambodia{\lang3081\u8217\'92}s diplomatic corpse. As time went on Pol pot began to lose his original ideals and began killing people from all classes, including students, Buddhist monks and ministers. All the people

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