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1/ Analyse the “Happy Cows” campaign that was developed for the California Milk Advisory Board to promote Real California Cheese from an integrated marketing communications perspective. Why do you think the campaign has been so successful? The Happy Cows campaign developed by the CMAB contributed to create a distinct identity that is the focal point of their integrated marketing communications program. This campaign has been successful because it is really customer-orientated, using emotions and humour to reach customers. Indeed customers can easily remember the brand because it puts them in a good mood and leaves a positive image. Moreover, with humour, the campaign is more accessible and the company can reach a larger variety of consumers of all ages. Everyone can easily understand the message of the brand. The company succeeded in making creative campaign to create a real brand identity with a combination of many factors, including their name, logo, as well as their image or associations: the cow that comes to mind when consumers think about them. The use of the cow in the campaign helps to tell how California cheese is better because it comes from contented cows The success of the TV commercials has allowed the company to extend their campaign on other medias such as radio, billboard and Internet. As people had already images of the cows in their head they were able to visualize when listening to 60 second radio spots. The company advertised the commercials at a national level to reach a larger audience and also in Hispanic countries. 4/ What role did consumer promotion play in generating trial and awareness of Real California Cheese? Which tactics were used? Which were most effective and why? How did the consumer promotion tactics reinforce or supplement other marketing elements such as advertising, trade promotion, or public relations? The

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