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July 19 2013 Author Study Assignment Author choice: Leo Lionni Part I -Analyzing the author and his book. 1. The type of books that Leo Lionni write is children books. "According to", he wrote and illustrate more than 40 highly acclaimed children books and also publish books more than one genre. The kind of the genre he published are: General fiction and non-fiction; animal stories; Fable, Folktales and myths fantasy; comedy and humor; westerns; classics; informal fiction. 2. The main characters of the books that I fond are different, but in two of the books Swimmy and Fish is Fish the main characters are kind of the same. The reason been is because in the book Swimmy the main character is a black fish by the name of swimmy and in the book Fish is Fish there are two main characters the frog and the fish. Another thing is that in four of the books that I fond Swimmy, Fish is Fish, Inch by Inch, and A color on his own are all similar in one way because they all are about animals. The book Little blue and Little yellow are different from the rest of the books as far as the characters are concern, but it has certain similarity with the book A Color On His Own because the both have the same kind of objective which is for children to be able to identify different colors. 3. The setting in the books is not all similar. In the book Inch is Inch take place in the forest on the trees and grass. Swimmy and Fish is Fish are similar and different at the same time, because swimmy take place on the water and fish is fish mostly in the pond (water), but also on the land. The reason why the author chooses these particular setting is because every species is different and each have his own habitat and environment that help them survive. Fish can only survive under water and as far as the frog is concern he

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