Kffs Frequent Shopper Program Essay

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Kudler Fine Foods University of Phoenix Kudler Fine Foods (KFF), owned by Kathy Kudler, is a new gourmet food store. They are a fast-growing operation with stores located in LA Jolla, Del Mar, and Encinitas, California. Their quick start-up growth comes from excellent customer relations, good communications and few competitors in their market. They plan to grow into surrounding areas of California. Their website will be launched within the next 12 months. The e-commerce portion of their business is expected to increase their profits and help them to grow. They will have to upgrade their stores operating systems to accommodate their plans for expansion. Better IT systems will also allow for higher customer satisfaction without increasing costs. Ordering Their IT will have to be improved as many of their current operations recording systems are paper-based. This means that managers currently restock and reorder manually through use of hand-generated purchase orders. Moving these supplies orders to an on-line system will make the operations more profitable and more efficient in inventory forecasting. Another grocery, Spartan Stores, commented that they converted to SofTechnics Perpetual Inventory and Computer Automated Ordering, because “the SAF SuperStore application automatically considers movement, price, promotions, seasonality, and other external factors in creating a single, unified forecast for the store.” SKU (Wireless News, ¶ 7, 2008). Kathy Kudler wishes to maintain a 95% customer service satisfaction level and will be more able to do so if she moves to this type of automated ordering and tracking system. Communication The company will benefit from their new website, when it goes on-line, through better customer communications and expanded clientele. This e-advertising reaches a much wider base of customers. Company websites do

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