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Key Skills Level 2 The purpose of this portfolio is to plan a meal for the members of staff so that they can get to know each other better and build a good relationship with one another. I aim to invite the members of staff to my home where I will cook them a three course meal off a set menu. The meal will be set for 20 people including myself. I am setting myself a budget of £100, to ensure I stay within my budget I will compare the prices of the items required from two different supermarkets. The supermarkets I have chosen are Asda and Tesco. I will write a questionnaire for the staff to fill in to help me decide a menu. I will be using a number of methods such as, charts, averages, fractions and percentages. Questionnaire I am organising a meal for members off staff to attend to get to know each other better. I have put together a short questionnaire about the menu choices available. Please could you fill it in and pass it back to me as soon as possible. Thank you. Which starter would you like? (Please tick) Soup (tomato) Potato skins Prawn cocktail Which main course would you like? Chicken parmesan Pizza (cheese and tomato) Mixed grill Which dessert would you like? Chocolate fudge cake with ice cream Strawberry cheesecake and fresh cream Apple crumble and custard Name: Tally Charts Starters | Number of people wanting them | Soup (tomato) | IIII II | Potato skins | IIII | Prawn cocktail | IIII III | Main course | Number of people wanting them | Chicken parmesan | IIII II | Pizza (cheese and tomato) | III | Mixed grill | IIII IIII | Desserts | Number of people wanting them | Chocolate fudge cake and ice cream | IIII III | Strawberry cheesecake and cream | IIII | Apple crumble and custard | IIII II | Percentage and fractions Food Item | Fraction |

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