Key to Good Health Is Lifestyle Rather Than Medicine? Essay

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“The key to good health is lifestyle rather than medicine.” How far do you agree? In the world today, health is an important aspect of life, with many people paying more attention to their health. The issue in this essay is whether the key to good health is lifestyle rather than medicine. The hypothesis asserts that lifestyle is the key to good health rather than medicine. In this essay, health would refer to a person’s physical, emotional and mental well-being. Lifestyle is usually practiced as a personal choice to enhance the quality of life, and would include sports, exercises and special diets. Medicine, on the other hand, is reactive and is usually administered in response to sicknesses and diseases. In my point of view, the key to good health is lifestyle rather than medicine to a large extent, as it maintains a person’s health, and also prevents a person from falling sick as it builds up one’s immune system, while medicine mainly serves to help cope with illnesses. Lifestyle is better as it prevents illnesses in the long-term process, while medicine is only short-term. Furthermore, consuming some medicine could also lead to dire side-effects, which would be mentioned in the later paragraphs. Some doctors may argue that medicine is necessary to sustain normalcy of life. They say certain conditions such as cancer, low blood sugar and Berger’s Disease, require a constant supply of medication to sustain a normal and acceptable state of good health. These conditions cannot be overcome with the modification or adoption of a healthy lifestyle, according to them. Illnesses such as cancer require frequent trips to the doctors to ensure that their conditions are stable, and not worsening. They require constant medication drugs, such as Adriamycin, Ethyol and Ifex, to help them cope with their cancer, notably reducing their pain, slowing the spread of cancer
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