Explain The Key Success Factors For Disney's Success During The Walt Disney Era

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RSM392 Case Write-up #2 Key Success Factors for Disney during the Walt Disney Era For over 90 years, The Walt Disney Company has maintained a comfortable and lasting position in the marketplace due to a strong commitment to its core values. Walt Disney moved to Hollywood in 1923 where he founded a small studio with his brother, which eventually grew and became the most successful and well-known entertainment company in the world. Below are the key factors which account for Disney’s success during the Walt Disney era. Creativity & Innovation Mickey Mouse was Disney’s first hit, an animated character with synchronize sound—something that had never been attempted in cartoon before. In order to solve its liquidity problem, Disney licensed Mickey Mouse for the cover of a pencil tablet—the first of many such licensing agreements.…show more content…
After World War II, the company again faced with serious financial problem. Instead of spending several years on one full-length animated film, Walt decided to make movies that mixed live action with animation to generate quick income. In 1950, Disney launched its first TV special, One Hour in Wonderland after its successful diversification to the creation of the Walt Disney Music Company to control Disney’s music copyrights. With Disney’s rapid growth, it entered live-action movie production and, by 1965, produced three films per year on average. The huge number of “first” that the company achieved was definitely a result of Walt Disney’s strategy of constant innovations and ongoing creativity. Disneyland philosophy Disneyland, a huge outdoor entertainment theme park, was opened in 1955, which Walt and his “imagineers” designed and built, and was targeted at the

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