Key Reason for Bolshevik Success

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Evidence dating back from the early 1900’s proves that the unity of the Red army was the key reason for Bolshevik success in the Russian Civil War. The Civil War primarily arose from the Bolsheviks quick triumph in the October Revolution, where many were asked to question what party their support lay in. During this Civil War the Bolsheviks, ‘reds’, displayed superior strength to the counter-revolutionaries, ‘whites’ through a range of different aspects, including organisation, leadership, and propaganda. However, as mentioned previously the key reason to their success was the unity of the party. On the 8th of November 1917, the Sovnakom made the first decree in a series of decrees, made in an attempt to consolidate Bolshevik power, and convey unity. This decree signalled an end to Russian participation in the war with Germany. The slogan of the Bolshevik Party throughout their campaign had been: “Peace, Land, Bread!” and the fact that they had followed up on their three promises showed that the party was all united upon their aims. Another way in which the Bolsheviks conveyed a united front to the public was through the ruthlessness with which they cemented their power. The Bolsheviks, in particular, their leaders would go through any means necessary in order to ensure that counter-revolutionaries were silenced. This method of discipline was called the Red Terror, and included shooting anyone who was suspected of counter-revolutionary behaviour, arresting anyone who questioned the ability of the Bolsheviks, and exiling anyone who spread harmful propaganda about the Bolsheviks. During the Red Terror 7, 068 counter-revolutionaries were executed. A final reason as to why unity proved to be the key reason in Bolshevik success was that it meant all members of the party were working for the benefit of the same class, the working class. The Bolsheviks took grain from
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