Key Causes Of War

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key causes of war: Depending on which conflict that is being referred to the key causes of war are many and very broad. The key causes that are put foward include the theory of Structuralism which refers to the changing in the distribution of power within the global system as the primary factor in determining a states behavior. Enduring rivalries which is prolonged competition between great powers or other pairs of countries whos conflicting interests often lead to war. Balance of power which explains the tendency of opposed coalitions to be formed so the distribution of military power is balanced to prevent one single power from dominating others. Rational choice is the theory that decison makers choose on the basis of what is best for themselves and their states. Nationalism is the mind set gloryfing a particular state and the nationality group living in the state which beleives the state interest is the supreme value. Realism is the thought that interstate competition is natural and all states should prepeare to go to war and compete to avoid it. Irredentism refers to the movement of an ethnic national group to regain controll of lost territory by force. Facism which is the promotion of extreme nationalism and establishment of and authoriatarian society built around a signle party with dictatorial leadership. Machpolitic is the expansion of a state power and territory by the use of armed force as a legitimate goal.Isolationalism is the policy of withdrawing froma active participation in world affairs and instead concentrating on the management of internal affairs. Biliography: JS Levy - Annual Review of Political Science, 1998 - Annual

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