Kew Gardens Essay

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"Kew Gardens", Virginia Woof Kew Gardens: British national botanical garden and one of the majors in the world English people are garden lovers. 1919: The text is linked very much to new ways of thinking and seeing the world. * First World War: Apocalypse for western civilization * Old ways of seeing are not longer appropriate Virginia Woolf is a fairly young writer. 1915: First novel: "The voyage out" It's not her most complex, experimental novel. 1919: Woolf is trying to find new techniques. * Woolf is searching new techniques to discover major experimental techniques of writing. * She was one of the most innovating writers of the XXth century. * Innovative and revolutionary: Experimental writing A writer who's still searching for her most revolutionary technique writes the text. The writer knows that the traditional way of describing the surface of reality is not the best way of describing the truth. XIXth century: Paintings are like pictures, like photograph in painting (>< Picasso's weird pictures). Different ways of looking at reality * Reproduce the surface, what you see * Reality painted, described * Capture the energy, the intensity of the moment, see what hides behind the surface * Catch up the intensity of the moment beneath the superficial painting XXth century: The writers are trying to do the same. Virginia Woolf paints the reality. She tries to do with words what painters had done ten years before. Not very much indebted to painting but like painting in words. (p. 46) * First paragraph [From... July] * Real English * Linguistic complexity proves that English is a rich language in the first passage * Description of flower bed * A whole page devoted to an element of reality that we reduce normally * Beautiful element of reality * We are forced

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