Kevin Durant Vs Jordan

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Allen Mendenhall Professor Kyrie Krenz ENG 90 18 October 2012 Kevin Durant vs. LeBron James Kevin Durant and LeBron James are the two best players in the game of basketball today. In my opinion Durant is a better all-round player and will finish his career being the second best player to ever play the game, behind only Michael Jordan. Here are some reasons why I and some others believe Durant is the better player of the two. Sure, the first argument people always use will be the number of MVPs or Championships won. They always used the “ring” excuse when comparing LeBron to Jordan and his fans didn’t like it and just didn’t care about it. I think it is very hypocritical to use the “ring” argument when talking about which one is a better…show more content…
LeBron was drafted by Cleveland and had pretty good success there, and then it seemed like after they lost in the finals that year he wanted to move just so he could win a ring. He wasn’t worried about being a leader on that team and making it better. Durant got drafted to the “laughing stock” team of the NBA at the time when he was drafted, the Settle Supersonics. After his rookie year, the team was moved to Oklahoma City and became the OKC Thunder. Durant had a rough first few seasons then gradually started having success in the playoffs, going farther year after year. LeBron took his team under his wing for a couple of years and finally made it to the finals, but lost. After that is when it seemed LeBron stopped being a leader and then got traded to a star-studded Miami Heat team in which he had so many good players it’s like they would have to win a championship. Durant on the other hand, took his team from being the worst in the league to being in my opinion the best team in the league in only about 5 years. OKC is getting closer to the Championship every year and I believe this will be their year along with many more after this. The two players really don’t play much differently but I will give the main point of each player of why he might be considered the better. Many may say that LeBron is the better defensive player over Durant. However, if Durant ever learns to use his lanky body for blocking and rebounding better he will out do LeBron in that category as well. I honestly think and can also prove that Kevin Durant is a way better player during clutch time and also in big games. Sure LeBron has his moments once in a few games but to me it seems Durant does it night in and night
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