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Kentucky Town of Manchester Illustrates National Obesity Crisis Essay

  • Submitted by: covact
  • on November 15, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Kentucky Town of Manchester Illustrates National Obesity Crisis" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

The question is “So what? Who cares?” well each of us should care. Our health, the health of our family, friends, and community are depending on caring and changing the way we think about our health. In the article Haygood takes the perspective and stories of several residents that live in the small close knit town of Manchester, Kentucky. Through these stories of this small town he shows us a small example representing the larger issue in our country. He starts off from the perspective of a farther that talks about how the town is lacking readily available athletic options and that the town is full of unhealthy food options.   This father talks about his overweight daughter doesn’t exercise as she instead just sit in front of a computer all day.   Haygood is showing us that how our society is increasingly eating unhealthy and neglecting on keeping our bodies active.  
Haygood continues with more stories that show long engrained traditions and a community that has not put attention and education towards a healthy lifestyle has led to an increasing obesity crisis. One such story is one past resident who came back to due a study and was saddened by the results. The researcher was shocked by the data that showed an increasing problem and a lack of knowledge and caring. The fact that many people have an attitude of hiding from the fact versus to dealing directly with it shows that they know they have a problem but choose to take the easy route.   That people are seeing the problem and trying to make a change but yet the community in general does try to make a change.
Even though it’s easy to read this article and think that it’s just a small town and does not affect us is not acknowledging that this small town is a small glimpse of the larger problem our country is dealing with, that this needs to change with each of us and the way we approach our eating habits and our daily activities.   I don’t think Haygood in anyway could make a more persuasive argument since it’s...

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