Kent State Student Involvement In The Vietnam War

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The Vietnam War brought much unrest to the student population of the United States in the 1960’s. Universities across the nation staged protests over the war, the draft, and the military involvement in foreign affairs. They questioned the surge of troops into areas that they believed the United States did not need to be involved in. Although these protests accelerated the end of the Vietnam War the effects on the United States would been seen for many years to come. The invasion of Cambodia by the Nixon administration outraged students seeking a peaceful end to the war. Student protests erupted that resulted in the largest student strike in United States history. Some students at Kent State ripped the Constitution from history books and burned it. They believed that Nixon had murdered the Constitution. The Kent State student protests became known as the defining moment in the student uprising against the government’s involvement in Vietnam and Cambodia.…show more content…
Eight hundred thousand Vietnamese children became orphaned and Vietnam united under the Social Republic of Vietnam under communist rule, one of the major reasons why the US entered the country. Many question whether America’s withdrawal from Vietnam was a political or a military defeat. The overall attitude in the United States had shifted from total support of the government to questioning every policy change and intervention in foreign countries. The United States accrued indirect costs of the war such as veterans’ and widows’ benefits and the search for Americans missing in action (MIAs) this paired with the serious inflation contributed to a substantially increased cost of living in the United States between 1965 and 1975. The effects of the Vietnam War will have forever changed the way we as a nation support our country and voice our opinions of the policies they bring
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