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Jason Hanna 12/2/08 English 101 Kent state Massacre On May 4 National Guardsman opened fire on a crowd of protesters. The protest was against Presidents Nixon’s plan to invade Cambodia. Protests broke out all over the world this one was different because it ended in death. Earlier that week there was a riot in the town of Kent City. The city was in lockdown and the police dispersed the crowd. Later the National Guard got called in, in response the students burned down the ROTC building. Firefighters were forced to flee because they were being pelted with rock. During a peaceful rally the students requested to speak with the mayor and the university president. The National Guard however said no and put the area under martial…show more content…
There was over dozens form injuries not just from bullet wounds but from attacks. The reason is still debated as to why this happened the Guardsman at first claimed it was a sniper that shot at them first. Unlikely because the only casualty they suffered was where a guardsman tripped over himself. They also said they were in fear for their lives also unlikely the students didn’t pose much of a physical threat against armed soldiers with M1 rifles bayonet fixated on. Allegedly there is a tape out there that has audio the commanding officer ordering the guardsmen to shoot on the crowd. It however has yet to be confirmed The closest thing to this would most likely be the Boston Massacre. 3 Kymberli Hagelberg (2007-05-02). "Casualty wants new probe of KSU shootings", Akron Beacon Journal. Retrieved on 9 May 2007. 2 Aubin Paul (2007-05-08). "Ian MacKaye helping with Kent State shooting investigation", Retrieved on 9 May 2007. 3 "U.S. Justice Department 1970 Summary Of FBI Reports (truthful excerpts)". Retrieved on

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